Our campus

The school campus offers a learner-friendly environment with a fine blend of functionality and aesthetics. From its firm foundation, the school building soars to an eight-storied vertical structure, symbolizing an educational setting that enables students to rise to greater heights. CCTV surveillance system, wide corridors and stairwells, fire prevention system, and deployment of security personnel are among the several safety and security measures taken by the School to ensure a safe campus environment. All facilities in the school are IT-enabled, with a provision for wi-fi connectivity and conducting virtual classes.

Open field

It is an expansive space, serving as a venue for school assemblies, exhibitions, events and celebrations, performances, outdoor games, and various gatherings.

Science Laboratories

The school is preparing the facilities for spacious, well-equipped Science Laboratories. Models, specimens, displays, charts, Learning Kits, Audio-Visual Equipment, and others will help teachers demonstrate, validate and establish various phenomena, and facilitate children verify theories, and relate to fundamental principles and concepts.

Computer Laboratories

The school has air-conditioned Computer Laboratories with high-speed connectivity and audio-visual facilities. All computers have the required configuration and software to support learning and the effective delivery of the curriculum. The computer labs provide an individual workstation for every child.

Art Room

The Art Room is a facility, with a dedicated workshop space, designed to spark the imagination of young students and motivate them to use various mediums and shape their creativity through different forms of art like paper art, craft, clay molding, sketching and drawing, and painting on glass and on canvas.

Counselling Team

The school has a dedicated Counselling Team to provide personal and group counselling to children. The Team facilitates a space for students to discuss their academic, social, emotional and behavioral concerns related to adolescence and peer group dynamics. The facility is also used for providing career counselling by bringing in professionals from every field.