Block teacher: Nasrin Jahan

  • Responsibilities as per designation: Planning and preparing lesson plans. Ensuring students participants. Creating positive learning environment. Implementing new teaching ideas. Marking students work and recording performance.

  • trainings/certification:

  • Bachelor of Education (B.Ed). Training on positive learning environment.

  • Training on classroom management.

  • Training on learning disabilities.

  • Quotes: If someone is going down the wrong road, he doesn’t need motivation to speed him up. What he needs is education to turn him around.

Nasrin Jahan
Roksana Parvin

Co-teacher: Roksana Parvin

Responsibilities as per designation: I actively involved in classroom organization, students organization and maintain the sibling duty of the school.


  • Positive Learning Environment and training on classroom management and professional development from S.P.E.E.D

  • Personal view: CMIS provides both academic and Islamic values which is very important for every muslims. These moral values will make our students a perfect human being.


Block teacher: Armin Islam Dalia


  • Realistic guidelines to differentiation.(Blooms Taxonomy method for teaching )

  • Instructor Alan Jervis from Dragonfly

  • The Big Four ( Power teaching method, Tarsia and more)

  • Instructor Alan Jervis from Dragonfly.

  • workshop on beautiful minds Demystifying learning disabilities .(JCI)

  • Workshop on classroom management (speed)

  • Workshop on positive learning environment (speed)

  • Personal experience: As a teacher, I want to spread positivity among all youngsters. Teaching it’s not just a job for me, all my kids have left an eternal mark on my heart. I always try to bring out the best in them and inspire them to be kind and good human beings.

Armin Islam Dalia
Sohana Aktar

Co-teacher: Sohana Aktar


  • classroom management

  • ensuring lesson to each and every child with individual care

  • assisting academicals needs to block teacher

  • Trainings:

  • Workshop on classroom management [ speed ]

  • workshop on beautiful minds demystifying learning disabilities [ JCI ]

  • Special child care [ Rainbow autism center ]

  • Personal experience: As a teacher i can see unlimited possibilities among my all students. Just want to facilitate them to make their lives successful and blessed.


Block teacher: Nafisa Tasnim

Responsibilities as per designation:

  • planning and preparing lesson plan

  • Tracking improvement and setting performance goals

  • Marking students work and recording performance

  • providing learners with one to one support

  • different planning for slow learners

  • Making learning a fun activity.


  • Training on A positive Learning Environment

  • Training on Classroom Management

  • Training on Learning Disability

  • Training on Social Emotional Learning of students

  • Training on Positive parenting.

Personal view: When a child is in their learning phase, a teacher is someone who fills them with hope, courage, motivation, and love. Teacher make the students better people and prepare them with vital learnings to face the world.

Nafisa Tasnim
Rimi Akter

Assistant teacher: Rimi Akter

Responsibilities as per designation:

  • Assessing students’ academic performance.

  • Preparing educational materials for class activities.

  • Organize the students & class.

  • Helping children who need extra support to complete tasks.


  • Class room management.

Favorite quote: “The best teacher teach from the heart not from the book”.


Block teacher: Kamarun Nessa Dalia

Responsibilities as per designation: Planning and preparing lessons. Encouraging student participation. Researching and developing new teaching materials. Research and implementing new teaching methods.


  • Training on classroom management.

  • Training on students learning disabilities.

Personal view: All the students can learn and succeed but not in the same way and not in the same day.

Kamarun Nessa Dalia
Farzana Akter Jamee

Grade 1:

Block teacher: Farzana Akter Jamee

Responsibilities: My first accountability is to generate lesson plans to familiarize related topics in a fun way. Besides, I am responsible to help kids to develop important social skills like communication, cooperation, self-control and empathy.


  • SEL Lab Training from iAmMotherly. (Cont.)

  • Classroom Management training from S.P.E.E.D

  • Positive Learning Environment training from S.P.E.E.D

My principle: I do believe a teacher is an influencer as well as an awakener. Beyond my experience and classroom management skills, I do believe my passion makes me a well fit to serve as a teacher.

Co-teacher: Rumana Akter

Responsibilities as per designation:

  • Planning and implementing educational activities and events.

  • Delivering personalized instruction to each student by encouraging interactive learning.

  • Developing and issuing educational content including notes, tests, and assignments.


  • Non-Government Teachers’ Registration & Certification Authority (NTRCA) Ministry of Education: 11 NTRCA, Passed for Lecturer


  • S.P.E.E.D Workshop on Classroom Management.

Favorite quote: “Learn from yesterday. Live for today. Hope for tomorrow.”-Albert Einstein.

Rumana Akter
Nashra Hussein

Grade 2:

Block teacher and junior section coordinator: Nashra Hussein

Responsibilities as per designation:

  • Teaching subjects of grade 2 (English, Math, Science, Theme Base, Social Studies

  • Planning, preparing and presenting lesson plans and syllabus.

  • Conduct classroom observations.

  • Actively coordinate the teaching and learning to ensure our learning programs are sequential, engaging, vibrant and agile.

  • Work with the management to actively engage in and deliver a positive wellbeing program tailored to the needs of the stage.

  • Oversee an environment that promotes the positive wellbeing and care of students.


  • Professional certificate course on Early Childhood Care and Development, Institute of Child and Human Development (ICHD), 2021

  • Certificate of participation in Workshop on Classroom Management, SPEED, 2022

  • Certificate of training on iSEL LAB: Self Concept, iAmMotherly, 2022

  • Master of Arts in Applied Linguistics, Cardiff University, UK, 2019

  • Bachelor of Arts in English (major Applied Linguistics and English Language Teaching) BRAC University, 2013

  • Professional training program on ‘Dyslexia,’ Suriyafaz Dyslexia, 2022

Favorite quote: “The best teacher teaches from the heart, not from the book.”


Class teacher: Md. Abdul Auwal Shamim

  • Responsibility: Classroom management, academic requirements providing to students, Supervise the boys of other grades when it is necessary.

  • Training: Received training from SPEED on how to manage classroom.

  • Ethics: The one I like most is students learn Islamic ethics and practice those in Salah.

Md. Abdul Auwal Shamim
Suborna Monalisa Chowdhury

Co-class teacher: Suborna Monalisa Chowdhury

  • Responsibilities: classroom manage, Student’s positive learning ensuring, Extra help session for each student, taking care of students needs

  • Trainings/certification: Positive Learning environment, Class room management, learning disabilities


Class teacher: Rabeya Sultana

Subject teacher: English language and Literature of Grade 3, 4 & 5

  • Responsibility: Enhancing English writing and reading skill as well as creative thinking

  • Training certificate: positive classroom environment by Speed, iAmMotherly SEL

  • Fav quote: The test of a good teacher is not how many questions she can ask her pupils that they will answer readily .But how many questions she inspires them to ask which she finds it hard to answer.

Rabeya Sultana
Farzana Islam


Class teacher: Farzana Islam

  • Responsibilities: To develop an effective classroom environment by designing and implementing a proper plan.

  • Training: on Positive classroom management

  • Fav Quote: “Great teachers empathize with kids, respect them, and believe that each one has something special that can be built upon.”- Ann Liberman


Class teacher: Name: Sanjana Sayed

Subject teacher: English language and literature of Grade 6, 7 and Biology teacher of Grade-7

  • Responsibilities:

  • Develop and initiate Biology and English materials and course content for grade 6 and 7

  • Develop and implement lesson plans to meet developmental goals and instructional activities

  • Conduct interactive science experiments to provide stimulating learning experience

  • Encourage students to reach their full potential

  • Trainings and Certification: SPEED on Positive Learning Environment, Demystifying Learning Disabilities

  • Fav Quote: “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” -Nelson Mandela

Sanjana Sayed
Raqima Tahseen Raisa


Subject teacher and Co-class teacher of G6: Raqima Tahseen Raisa

  • Responsibilities as per designation: Build one to one relationship with students. Provide important information in both oral and written formats. Use effective classroom methods to demonstrate and explain different concepts.

  • Fav quotes: “A good teacher is like a candle. It consumes itself to light the way for others.” – Mustafa Kemal Atatur

Academic supervisor and subject teacher: Afsana Rahaman

Subject teacher: Math and Physics of Grade 5, 6 and 7

  • Responsibilities as a teacher: Ensuring the subject knowledge of the students with hands on activities and project work, providing extra learning materials on each subject to build their basic strong and engage them always in productive way.

  • Responsibilities as academic supervisor: Assisting all the teachers in their academic format, ensuring the teacher are following rules and being cooperative to others, simultaneously working with management to execute the regulations among teachers, providing for them, school’s event coordinating with authorities, students-parent-teacher’s relationship establishing, ideas and resources proving etc.

  • Training: Positive classroom management by SPEED, Demystifying Learning Disabilities by JCI, students social and emotional leaning training by Iammotherly.

  • Fav quote: Teaching is a heart-work.

Afsana Rahaman
Mubbashera Ahmed

Subject teacher: Mubbashera Ahmed (Science and Math teacher of Grade3 and Grade 4)

  • Responsibilities: My teaching mainly focuses on the topics that the students would need throughout their life and also connect with the outer world. For instance addition, subtraction, multiplication, evaporation, condensation, gravity, weight etc.

Also I ensure their extra help as per their need and capability.

  • Fav Quote: since none of us are perfect we will make mistakes but we should always learn from our mistakes in order to reach near perfection.

  • Certification: Classroom management from Speed.

Subject teacher: Marium Akter Moni

Designation: Extra Help Teacher

  • Responsibilities: Motivate students to learn, Engage themselves in hand on project ,Focus on the topic they are struggling, Help them to go with the flow

  • Training/Certification:


  • Class room management by SPEED

  • Quotation/ ethics: A teacher’s job is to take a bunch of live wires and see that where they are well-grounded through inspiring their hope, igniting their imagination and installing love for learning.

Marium Akter Moni
Kamrun Nahar


Assistant teacher: Kamrun Nahar

  • Responsibilities as per designation: Getting the classroom ready for lessons. Listening to children read, reading to them or telling them stories. Helping children who need extra support to complete tasks. Helping teachers to plan learning activities and complete records.

  • Trainings/ certification: Training on classroom management

  • Fav quote: Teaching is the one profession that creates all other professions.


Assistant teacher: Arifa Aziz Siddiqua

  • Responsibilities as per designation: One to one teaching, assisting block teacher, organizing the class

  • Trainings/certification: Training on Classroom management by Speed

  • Fav quotes/ethics: Teaching is not only about transmitting knowledge rather imparting skills, and building of attitudes, values, nature.

Arifa Aziz Siddiqua